The strangest dreams

Invade my mind,

Dreams of things I never had

And places I’ve never seen.

I’ve never set foot on New York City

Yet in my mind’s eye

It is all I see.

Flashes of a vibrant cityscape,

Sounds and sights of lights and people,

Sensations of things I’d feel

If I walked the sidewalks and the streets.

I imagine myself a character

Of a thousand stories

Set in that sprawling city,

Living a thousand lives worth living

And making memories worth keeping.

I dream of New York City

Because the dream is all I have.

Without it all that’s left

Is a lonesome man

Walking through fields of faded grass,

Each blade a reminder

Of the things he can never have.

Part-time poet, full-time dreamer. I write in search of meaning, whatever that means.